This is totally a work in progress, and I’m very excited to be creating a space devoted entirely to the work I’m doing elsewhere in the world. While this website is going to be weird and rough for the next little while, I’ve never been a fan of holding back for a fancy launch. You’ll get a lot of warts-and-all writing here as I flesh out ideas, critique policy and pop culture, and (when I get that far) flesh out some of the analysis for my dissertation research.

Oh, yeah. I’m a PhD student, working on issues related to consent and rape culture in k-12 public schooling. By day, I’m a¬†classroom teacher, and I’m a parent of teenagers, as well.¬†My theory is deeply grounded in hands-on practice with youth, and has been since the early 1990s, when I was active in campus-based anti-sexual violence programming.

On occasion, I facilitate workshops and speak on conference panels on topics related to rape culture, consent, parenting and sexual health education, and how this issue affects specific populations (e.g, disabled children and youth and young people in LGBTQ2SAI* communities). (I speak and write on other issues as well, and am happy to connect and chat about what I can offer your organization, school, community group, etc.)

So, to recap: I’m going to be using this space to process my own work, but also to offer support to people also doing this work. It sometimes feels incredibly isolating, but I’ve noticed in the last few years that there are more and more wee openings for understanding. There are more people questioning the status quo, and pushing towards new ways of talking about body autonomy, sexual consent, and youth agency. We live in exciting times, and I’m so glad to be one of so many voices writing and speaking on these issues right now. I’m looking forward to continuing these conversations with you.

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