Just in Case.

In 2010, two days after revisions to Ontario’s Health and Physical Education curriculum were made available to the public, the documents were pulled from the Ministry of Education website.

Now that Doug Ford and his merry band of alarmist regressives have been elected in Ontario, it is just a matter of time before he acts on his promise to repeal the “sex ed” curriculum, pending “parent consultation” (which, as a reminder, the Liberals already did in the fall of 2014).

It is not unreasonable to think he will follow through on this. To that end, I’ve proactively downloaded the documents so they will be available to anyone who needs access to them.

Use them in good health, friends.

health1to8 (1)

health9to12 (1)


P.S. Here are the 1998 and 2010 versions of the document for grades 1-8. Please take a look at the gaps in the old versions, and commit to fighting to keep Ontario’s children and youth appropriately informed and safe(r) from harm.



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